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How do I lead in my early career?

Episode 7 of podcast

How do I lead in my early career?

There is no single criteria that makes a person eligible to lead. Education, job title and seniority can all be a start to establishing a role as a leader. But sometimes, the best leaders aren’t the highest ranking of any of the three. Today we are going to talk about leading when you are starting your career and how an early-career physician can develop leadership skills when they are not the most senior physician on their team.

Today’s guest is Matthew Carroll, M.D. He is a pediatric hospitalist at Cook Children’s and serves on Quality Improvement/Practice Management. Prior to coming to Cook Children’s, he served as the chief resident at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center.

Questions to work through on the topic:

  • What do you think are some personality characteristics that allow you and other young physicians to find roles within leadership?
  • How big of a factor is the institutional culture toward the ability to develop young leaders?
  • How do you see medicine changing now and as we go into the future?

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