16:25 PM

How can you develop and maintain a practice culture?

Episode 12 - Pediatric Leadership Podcast

The way you treat patients matters in many ways. It can mean the difference between having a successful program or practice. More than that, it can affect how your patients recover from sickness or surgery or deal with chronic illness. The culture of a practice depends on all the members, from the front desk to the nurses and even the custodians the patients might pass in the hallway. Everyone plays a role but the doctor can do a lot to make a break a practices ability to have a positive culture.

Maria Perez, M.D., is a pediatric rheumatologist with Cook Children’s in Fort Worth, Texas. She has practiced pediatric rheumatology for 23 years and continues to find joy in her career despite the unique challenges of caring for children with chronic illness. Her clinic has been a winner of the Practicing the Promise award eight of the last nine quarters. The award is based on elements of patient satisfaction and depends upon a the impression that the staff has made upon patients and families.


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