Fort Worth, Texas,
13:46 PM

Four Unsung Heroes at Cook Children's Honored on Tamron Hall Show

Four unsung heroes at Cook Children’s were recently honored on the Tamron Hall Show. Sandra Coleman, Erica Powell, Corey Turner, and Cristina Rangel were featured on the Dec. 16 episode called ‘HALLelujah, It’s the Holidays – A Week of Gifts Galore.’ Sandra and Erica were recognized for their tireless work in Food and Nutrition Services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Likewise, Corey and Cristina were acknowledged for their roles in Environmental Services, and for keeping the hospital safe and clean.

“I make sure my patients are served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When they get their trays, I love to see that smile so that’s what I’m there for,” Sandra told the show’s producers for a taped segment that aired during the episode.

Sandra is the lead ambassador in Food and Nutrition Services and logs 30,000 steps a day delivering meals throughout the medical center.

Live on the show, Tamron asked Sandra why she does what she does, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s just natural. I just love to do it. And joy is always in my heart, so I just love it,” Sandra said with a big smile.

Corey was also featured in a segment on the show. He said he finds joy in uplifting Cook Children’s patients and families and shared the story of a little boy who was unable to walk.

“I walked past him one time, and said ‘Hey buddy, how are you doing?’ and he smiled with a big smile and he showed me his muscles, and I said ‘I’m going to show you my muscles,’ and I showed him my muscles and said ‘You stay strong and you keep on getting strong,” Corey explained. “This kid wound up walking three months later in this hospital. That’s what drives me to keep on coming to work.”

All four Cook Children’s employees were part of the virtual audience received gifts from the show as appreciation for their commitment to serving throughout the pandemic.