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Feelings of motherhood - tears, tired & love

How being a mom has shaped this pediatrician's practice

There is a book called "The Going to Bed Book" that I read every night to my boys. For my youngest it became more than just a bedtime story--it was a recitation almost like a prayer. After story time was over and I rocked him in the glider he had me recite it to him again from memory before I put him in the crib.

Just like my patients' moms I have lived all of the small daily rituals, frustrations and love that is being a mom. I know that it has made me a better pediatrician and will continue to do so.

I am a better pediatrician because I have experienced life as a mom. I know the tears and tiredness of a new mom and so when she cries at the new baby check I can tell her it's normal and she believes me. I have lived with picky eater and so can give realistic plans for parents to overcome it. Siblings fighting is a weekly event in my home and so I can help with strategies for everyone to get along. I have seen my child limp for days and wondered if it is some terrible illness and so when a mom brings in her child with leg pain I understand what her deepest fear is.

It is all of these and the hundreds of other mom experiences that give me empathy for the moms of my patients. It has made being pro-mom one of my overarching themes in practice.

Remember, on Mother's Day to go and look at your children while they are sleeping. It gives you an immediate feeling of love and peace. Thank you to all the moms that trust me to care for their children.

Happy Mothers Day.

Dr C


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