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#EKC: Neuroblastoma patient's journey to becoming cancer free

Family shares boy's story to help #erasekidcancer

Adam Keller poses for the camera during an appointment at the Hematology/Oncology clinic at Cook Children's. Scars and a central line port are evidence of the fight he's been embarked on for the past year.

He was just days away from his second birthday in August 2016 when his mom, Arielle, noticed something was wrong with his arm.

"I thought it was broken. We took him to the emergency room and I thought he was just going to need a cast and we would go home," said Arielle.

Instead, Arielle and her husband learned that Adam had neuroblastoma. The cancer was eating up the bone in his arm and had spread throughout his little body.

"The whole scan looked like someone took a highlighter to it, that's how much cancer there was," she said.

In the months that followed, Adam went through seven rounds of chemotherapy, 12 rounds of radiation, two bone marrow transplants and a surgery to remove a tumor that had developed near his left kidney.

Today, Adam has no evidence of cancer in his body. He's in his last phase of treatment and if all goes well, he could officially be deemed cancer-free by February.

"It's scary because he carries a gene that makes it possible for the cancer to come back anytime, but we try not to think about that," said Arielle.

Helping to ease that worry is a new member of the family. Arielle gave birth to a little girl earlier this month, making Adam a big brother for the first time.

"Her name is Maddison Paige," said Arielle. "She has made everything better and we are so happy she is finally here."

About #erasekidcancer

Each September, Cook Children's shares stories and raises funds in honor Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The money raised for #erasekidcancer supports life-saving research, treatments, technology and programs for patients and families at Cook Children's in Fort Worth, Texas. Please help us create hope for kids, families and caregivers who are fighting every day to #erasekidcancer.

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