Fort Worth, TX,
16:21 PM

Cook Children's Opens New Institute for Mind Health, Providing Comprehensive Care for Children with Neurological Disorders

For children and their families, it will make a day of doctor’s appointments much easier. For medical providers, it enhances their ability to coordinate care.

On Thursday morning, Cook Children’s opened the doors to the new Jane and John Justin Institute for Mind Health. A ribbon-cutting ceremony occurred at the Justin Institute, located in the newly expanded Dodson Specialty Clinics building.

The Justin Institute will connect nine specialties under one roof, including Neurology, Neuropsychology, Neurosurgery, Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychology, Psychiatry, Developmental Pediatrics and Developmental Psychology. Find more information, including video, here.

More details here: New Institute Connects the Dots Between 9 Medical Specialties Under One Roof

B-Roll: Ribbon Cutting for Jane and John Justin Institute for Mind Health