Fort Worth, TX,
16:21 PM

Cook Children's Employees Donate Water, Sports Drinks to Fort Worth Fire Department

Fort Worth Firefighter water donation

Cook Children's employees donated cases of water and sports drinks on Thursday to the Fort Worth Fire Department as crews continue battling fires in the dry, hot weather.  Employees dropped off donations at the medical center in downtown Fort Worth from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. in an effort to support FWFD. Compared to 2021, the department has responded to a 704% increase in grassfires since July 5.

“We work alongside one another to keep our community safe, especially for our patients. They do a lot for us throughout the year and this is a great opportunity, just a small gesture, to try to return that favor,” said Kaysey Pollan, director of Emergency Management at Cook Children's. 

FWFD water donation 2

FWFD water donation