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Cook Children’s Becomes First Level I Children’s Surgery Center in North Texas

As any parent knows, kids are not little adults. They have endless energy, huge imaginations and sometimes they require medical care specialized for their unique needs. For this reason, Cook Children’s has been dedicated to the health and healing of children in Fort Worth and surrounding areas for more than 100 years. Now, we’re excited to announce we are the only hospital in North Texas to be verified as a Level I Children’s Surgery Center by the American College of Surgeons Children’s Surgery Verification Quality Improvement Program (ACS CSV).

This verification means Cook Children’s has the best possible system in place for surgery in children. From our Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Level II Trauma Center, state of the art equipment and surgery rooms to advanced training in pediatric subspecialties, Cook Children’s has invested everything it takes to make its medical center in downtown Fort Worth, Texas the preeminent place for pediatric surgery.

“This recognition means families can be assured their children are in the best possible hands when they turn to Cook Children’s for surgical care,” said Eric Hubli, M.D., FACS, medical director of Children’s Surgery at Cook Children’s. “We are proud of the incredible surgical staff who work tirelessly to make Cook Children’s the best possible place to heal, and of our leadership team who continuously invests in us because they know every child’s life is sacred.”

To put this recognition in perspective, there are more than 200 children’s hospitals in the United States. Cook Children’s is one of an elite group of 22 that holds the distinction of being a Level I Children’s Surgery Center.

“Kids are not small adults,” said Dr. Hubli. “They have unique diseases and medical issues that can only be treated by specially-trained professionals.”

Cook Children’s has certified physicians and nurses in pediatric surgery and anesthesia available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, Cook Children’s Teddy Bear Transport team is dedicated to getting the most medically fragile children and neonates, often in need of surgery, to our award-winning medical center quickly and safely. All of this is part of the essential criteria that was observed and evaluated by the American College of Surgeons, leading to the verification as a Level I Children’s Surgery Center.

To read Cook Children's press release on the Level I Children’s Surgery Center verification, click here

About Cook Children's Pediatric Surgery

Cook Children's Pediatric Surgery provides the best care available for your child from doctors who are specifically trained to perform surgery on kids.

When your child requires surgery, you want to be certain that you are receiving the most advanced care possible from the most experienced medical team. The Pediatric Surgery team at Cook Children's specializes in many surgical conditions, from simple to the most complex, and many of these procedures are performed using minimally invasive techniques. Learn more here

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Grimaldos Myriam
Que interesante que, con el trabajo y entrega
De Médicos y enfermeras, y más alta tecnología,
Salvan muchas vidas.
Savannah Kilpatrick
I just wanted to thank every single person in this hospital, out of each individual I came in front of during our 3 month stay for my sons OHS has been so caring and supportive. I know every day you all have to face certain battles with each person you come in contact with and their lives. You have to break down the bad news to families and still show you are beside them through it. We have seen multiple employees through visits, appointments, surgeries and everyone has always had a smile. The good from parking, the staff in the cafeteria, the ones walking down the hallway, the techs having patience, the nurses helping you with all your needs, the surgeons that take pride, the doctors that answer your questions over and over and break them down so you can understand. This place will always carry a piece of me. If it wasn’t for the great care and knowledge you have given my son may not be here today. So to whoever is reading this, please share and let everyone know they are greatly appreciated! With much love,

Savannah Kilpatrick
(Marshall’s mom)

Cook Children’s is the First Level I Children’s Surgery Center in North Texas