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Birthday Gifts for Patients

8 Year Old Donates Presents to Cook Children's


The Peter Pan Birthday Club of Cook Children's is open to all kids ages 12 and under and is designed to foster and encourage philanthropy in children. Click here to learn more

At 8 years old, Blaine Solomon knows things even adults forget sometimes, like how to look a person in the eye and give them a firm handshake. She also knows what it means to be “selfless.”

Blaine learned that lesson earlier this month when she celebrated her birthday. She invited her friends to a party with a bounce house and even a magician. But, on the invitation she asked her guests to bring gifts for the patients at Cook Children's instead of herself.

As you might imagine, this wasn't Blaine's original idea for her birthday. Like many important life experiences, it was first a mere suggestion from her mother.

"We started talking about what it would mean to the children," said Blaine Smith. "It didn't take long for her to embrace it. The idea of bringing joy to patients took her desire to help people to a whole new level."

From stuffed animals to games, even toys for the tiniest patients, Blaine's friends delivered on her request.

"Some kids brought toys for me, but most brought presents for the patients," Blaine said.

Blaine's party was on a Sunday afternoon. By Monday, she was ready to go.

"We were driving to the hospital and she said ‘I want to do this again next year!’" said Blaine's mother.

Right after school, the 8-year-old delivered a basket full of gifts to Cook Children's, along with this note:

"Please give these presents to the children in the most unfortunate places, like kids with: canser, hurt heads and numonua."

This kind gesture was not only a lesson for Blaine, but part of the legacy her family shares with Cook Children's. Her grandfather, Gordon W. Smith, created the Noah’s Ark stained glass window in the chapel on the second floor of the main building. Her grandmother, Beverley Taylor Smith, was the president of the board of the Jewel Charity Ball in 1986, which is one of Cook Children's most generous donors.

For Blaine, her act of kindness was just a glimpse of what may be to come. She says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, and to no one's surprise, she wants to work at Cook Children's.

Other Ways to Give

Birthdays are a special time to celebrate and by joining the Peter Pan Birthday Club, your child has the opportunity to impact the life of a sick child. Club members ask birthday party guests to bring a monetary gift for Cook Children's instead of a present. All of the gifts made through the Peter Pan Birthday Club help meet specific needs of children in the medical center and in the community. Contact Geraldine Williams at 682-885-4444 or email birthdayclubs@cookchildrens.org for more information.

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