Fort Worth, TX,
16:36 PM

Back-to-School: Students Return for First Day at Jane Justin School


Students were abuzz with excitement at the Jane Justin School Monday as the first day of school got underway. 

The Jane Justin School, under the Child Study Center at Cook Children's, is a private school that provides special education to children. This year, 86 students are enrolled.

Early Monday morning, students hugged their parents, took photos in front of the school and met their teachers. Friends reunited with hugs and talked about their summers.

“The friendships are strong here,” said Tracie Mann, Ph.D., Headmaster at Jane Justin School. “A lot of them do things after school together and get together over the summer. Everybody is really excited for the first day.”First Day of School Jane Justin School

“I'm ready to get back to lessons and play with my friends – and not go outside because it's way too hot," student Wyatt Merchant said. 

Students in the Purple Room class are between 7 to 9 years old. They gathered around to color a large “back to school” sheet together.First Day of School Jane Justin School

“We're such a small community of people and we're so welcoming and so warm,“ Dr. Mann said. “I think it makes it easier for children to come in every year and kind of make that transition.”

Jane Justin School 

Jane Justin School

Our mission

Jane Justin School, in partnership with families and the community, fosters the knowledge and life skills necessary for our students to achieve productive and meaningful lives while respecting and embracing the individuality of each child. To achieve this mission, Jane Justin School responds to the changing needs of our students and their families with compassion and educational excellence.

Our vision

One day, each of our students may return to a traditional educational setting with the skills needed to be successful in that setting.

Our students

Jane Justin School enrolls students between the ages of 3 and 21 with developmental and learning disabilities and related behavior disorders. For the safety of our students, we only accept fully immunized children into this program.

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