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Are you ‘HIPP’ to the latest in insurance coverage?

What does HIPP and OOPs mean and is my child covered? Here's a guide to help.

A HIPP isn’t on your body, an OOPs isn’t a mistake and covering your child isn’t just for blankets. Trust us, this all will make sense, and maybe your insurance coverage too, when you read this article.

What HIPP parents know. Even with private insurance and Medicaid, the cost of medicine and care for a child with a serious condition can still create a tight budget. For some of those families, there may be help from HIPP. HIPP is a state program that assists qualified families with private health insurance costs. Click here to learn more.

Don’t let out-of-pocket expenses stand for OOPs. Knowing what your deductibles and copays are can help you plan ahead for major illnesses, treatment and care. That way you protect your child’s health and your financial health, now and in the future. Learn more here.

You protect them from the rain, from the cold and even from pretend monsters. But did you know you can take that protection a step further by learning all you can about your insurance coverage? Understanding your health insurance coverage will protect you and your family from the unexpected. Find out what you should know, here.

Protect your most precious valuables…your kids! That’s exactly what a health insurance policy is supposed to do. But sometimes you get an unexpected bill because your policy didn’t cover a procedure, doctor or hospital stay. If you have an appointment, visit to the hospital or a procedure scheduled, know before you go. Learn more about understanding benefits here.

Is your newborn covered? Did you know that there is a limited time to get your precious bundle covered on your health insurance plan? Missing that deadline could mean waiting until the next open enrollment. Learn more now.

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