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4 signs of an undetected heart condition

A Cook Children's pediatric cardiologist stresses the importance of screenings

Heart conditions in children and young adults go undetected too often.  But there are some signs and symptoms of an undetected heart condition. If your child has experienced any of these symptoms, please talk to your Cook Children’s pediatrician.

  1. Have you ever fainted, passed out, or had a seizure suddenly and without warning, especially during exercise?
  2.  Have you ever had exercise-induced chest pain or shortness of breath?
  3. Are you related to anyone with sudden, unexplained, and unexpected death before the age of 50?
  4. Are you related to anyone who has been diagnosed with a sudden death-predisposing heart condition like Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Long QT syndrome?

Early detection could save your child’s life. Cook Children’s will offer free EKGs during the month of February. An EKG is non-invasive and takes less than five minutes. The EKG shows how fast the heart is beating, the heart’s rhythm and the timing of the heart’s electrical signals. Any child can get one with a referral from a primary care doctor. Just ask your child’s pediatrician to order a “sports EKG.” Results are sent back to your pediatrician.

For more information, please call the Heart Center office at Cook Children’s at 682-885-2140.

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